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LPG Lipomassage For the Body

LPG Liomassage is used for slimming activation and has four beauty goals:
Slim down fat cells
Smooth cellulite
Firm the skin
Resculpt the figure

A world of Beauty - Effective, High Tech, and Natural

Thanks to LPG's patented Cellu M6 Cellular Stimulation Technology, LPG is recognized in over 100 countries as the world leader in non-invasive anti-agin and body contouring solutions. This high-tech, natural beauty solutions have been synonymous with LONG-LASTING VISIBLE results.

Endermologie - The core of cellular stimulation

Endermologie reactives dormant cells activity by mechanically stimulating the skin in a painless and non-invasive way. It is an exclusive cell therapy for real, natural beauty.

LPG Lipomassage Slimming & Reshaping Program

After a personalized evaluation of your figure and beauty goals, our specialise will propose a custom treatment program. This patented, 100% natural slimming technique is absolutely PAIN-FREE.

The balance between the production and elimination of fat is a natural process involving slimming cells(adipocytes). Despite ideal personal health practices and regular physical activity, the process of storing fat tends to increase over time. This results in the appearance of excess of excess fat and cellulite.

This patented slimming technique reactives the fat release process(lipolysis) to erase localized fat and imperfections.

LPG Roll's mechanical stimulation triggers deep biological responses: reactivation of fat release and collagen and elastin production.

RESULTS: A more refined figure and naturally firmer, smoother skin.